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Dating site users infected with banking Trojan after malvertising attack

A popular dating site and a huge telecommunications company were hit with malvertising. Popular dating site Plenty of Fish (POF) and Australian telco giant Telstra were infected with malicious advertising from late last week over the weekend. The infection came from an ad network serving the advertisements that the websites displayed to their visitors. Malvertising […]

Dark times for Android: Examining Certifi-gate and the newest Stagefright updates

When it comes to security, it seems that Android has seen better days. A slew of vulnerabilities and threats have been cropping up recently, putting multitudes of Android users at risk. Certifi-gate and Stagefright are two threats that, when left unprotected against, could spark major data breaches. Certifi-gate leaches permissions from other apps to gain […]

Businessman hackers brought down in USA and Europe

Cybercrooks run their organizations like businesses these days. They have multinational offices, marketing departments, business development, and technical support teams. Maybe they also need some security…  Malware entrepreneur sentenced to 57 months in prison One such malware entrepreneur, Alex Yucel, sold malware through a website that he operated, to other hackers. The Blackshades malware allowed […]

MERS ????????????? Trojan.Swort

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攻撃者は、韓国を中心として広がっている中東呼吸器症候群(MERS)の流行を悪用し、スパムメールを通じて Trojan.Swort を拡散しています。

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MERS outbreak used as bait to spread Trojan.Swort

Attackers are taking advantage of the outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in South Korea and other regions to spread Trojan.Swort through spam emails.Read More



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Don’t click on the porn video your Facebook friend shared

Fake Flash Player updates fool Facebook users. Facebook users have fallen victim to a recycled scam, and we want to make sure that all of our readers are fore-warned. Cybercrooks use social engineering tactics to fool people into clicking, and when the bait comes from a trusted friend on Facebook, it works very well. Here’s […]