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Android security updates roll out to fight “Stagefright” type bug

Android Mediaserver vulnerability looks similar to the Stagefright bug. Android owners may recall the Stagefright bug, the “worst ever Android vulnerability yet discovered”. That malware exposed a billion (that’s nearly every) Android device on the face of the earth to malware. The latest critical bug has similarities to Stagefright, but exists in Android’s mediaserver. Google […]

Android ???????????Material Design ???????????

Android.Lockdroid.E は、Google のデザイン言語とオープンソースプロジェクトを利用して、身代金を支払うようユーザーを欺こうとしています。

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Android ransomware uses Material Design to scare users into paying ransom

Android.Lockdroid.E uses Google’s design principles and a popular open-source project to trick users into paying its ransom.

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Dark times for Android: Examining Certifi-gate and the newest Stagefright updates

When it comes to security, it seems that Android has seen better days. A slew of vulnerabilities and threats have been cropping up recently, putting multitudes of Android users at risk. Certifi-gate and Stagefright are two threats that, when left unprotected against, could spark major data breaches. Certifi-gate leaches permissions from other apps to gain […]

Understanding tech companies’ privacy policies and their effect on users

When was the last time you sat down and read through the entirety of a tech company’s privacy policy, even if you visit the site every day? In an article recently published by TIME in collaboration with the Center for Plain Language, a selection of the world’s leading and regularly visited tech websites were ranked […]

Stagefright vulnerabilities pose serious threat to Android users

Although Google immediately patched seven critical vulnerabilities, how quickly end users receive updates is dependent on device manufacturers.Read More

Vulnerabilidades de Stagefright representam uma séria ameaça a usuários de Android

Apesar do Google ter corrigido imediatamente sete vulnerabilidades críticas, a velocidade na qual os usuários recebem atualizações depende dos fabricantes dos dispositivos.

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Vulnerabilidades que afectan al componente Stagefright representan grave amenaza para los usuarios de Android.

Aunque Google emitió inmediatamente un parche contra las siete vulnerabilidades críticas, los usuarios reciben las actualizaciones en cuanto los fabricantes de dispositivos las tienen disponibles.

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FREAK ????????????????????

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最近報告された FREAK 脆弱性を悪用すると、攻撃者は、セキュア接続に対して強度が弱く、簡単に復号可能な暗号方式を強制的に使用させることができます。

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FREAK vulnerability can leave encrypted communications open to attack

A recently reported flaw lets attackers force secure connections to use a weaker, breakable form of encryption.Read More