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Popularity of Apple devices prompts surge of new threats

Apple users can no longer be complacent about security, as the number of infections and new threats rises.Read More

Iran-based attackers use back door threats to spy on Middle Eastern targets

Two Iran-based attack groups that appear to be connected, Cadelle and Chafer, have been using Backdoor.Cadelspy and Backdoor.Remexi to spy on Iranian individuals and Middle Eastern organizations.Read More

Dell computers affected by eDellRoot self-signed root certificate

Dell computers with the eDellRoot root certificate may allow attackers to sign SSL/TLS certificates as legitimate sources and can be vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks.Read More

How my TV got infected with ransomware and what you can learn from it

A look at some of the possible ways your new smart TV could be the subject of cyberattacks.Read More