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Alerta LinkedIn: Golpistas usam atualização de segurança para phishing em busca de credenciais

E-mail de phishing utiliza táticas para evitar os filtros de mensagens e listas negras do navegador

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Cuidado en LinkedIn: Estafadores usan actualización de seguridad para robar credenciales

Las tácticas usadas en el correo electrónico falso permiten evadir los filtros de correo y las listas negras de los navegadores

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Double the Security, Double the Fun: Protect Your Social Passwords with Two-Step Verification

It’s not all fun and games when it comes to your favorite social media sites. Many of the top sites such as Facebook and Twitter are used for entertainment and leisure, but they also store vital information identity thieves would love to get their hands on and disrupt your online life. For instance, personal login information Read more…

6.5M LinkedIn Passwords Reportedly Stolen: What Users Should Do Now

–Updated at 2pm pacific– Earlier today, Norwegian computer site, DagensIT.no, reported that 6.5 million LinkedIn passwords were recently posted to a Russian hacker site. LinkedIn is continuing to investigate the incident, but has confirmed that “some of the passwords that were comprimised correspond to LinkedIn accounts.” According to DagensIT.no, only the hashed passwords were posted. Read more…