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Online dating scams target divorced, middle-aged women

  Lonely hearts still waiting for their soulmate are easy prey for online dating scams. Many people search for love through online dating sites, dating apps, or social media. Unfortunately, before you find your prince (or princess), you have to eliminate the frogs. “Romance” scammers, sometimes referred to as “sweetheart” scammers take advantage of vulnerable […]

Mutating mobile malware and advanced threats are on the horizon as we approach 2016

Yesterday, we walked you through a set of our 2016 predictions in regards to home router security, wearables and the Internet of Things. In addition to these important topics, mobile threats are not something that should be ignored as we move into 2016. “Most people don’t realize that mobile platforms are not really all that safer […]

Android ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

ステルス性を備えた Android.Fakelogin は、デバイスで実行中のオンラインバンキングアプリに合わせたフィッシングページを上書き表示します。

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Android banking Trojan delivers customized phishing pages straight from the cloud

Stealthy Android.Fakelogin overlays a phishing page tailor-made for the banking app that’s running on the device.

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No, Tiffany is not giving away diamond rings on Facebook

Diamond rings and an Audi R8 can be mine just for the simple actions of liking and sharing on Facebook. NOT! In the past week, three fake giveaways have come across my Facebook newsfeed – two of them today! These were shared by otherwise intelligent friends, so that makes me think all kinds of other […]

Mr. Robot Review: 3xpl0its.wmv

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The major theme of this week’s Mr. Robot episode revolved around vulnerabilties. As much as we sometimes try to deny it, we all have weaknesses. Cybercriminals, being the intelligent people they are, unfortunately often use their smarts for evil. They know that it is human nature to have weaknesses since no one is perfect, and […]


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攻撃者は、テキストメッセージとちょっとしたソーシャルエンジニアリングを利用するだけで Gmail、Hotmail、Yahoo メールのアカウントを侵害しています。

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Your SMB’s Biggest Security Threat Could be Sitting in Your Office

This article is a re-print from the April 1, 2015 edition of Silicon India. Security threats are evolving quickly, making it difficult to pinpoint just one threat that is currently affecting small and mid-size businesses. From the threats we have observed in the past and the ones we anticipate for the future, we have learned […]