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Failing To Be Cyber Secure: How Much Can It Cost You?

If you’re Target, the answer is about a quarter billion dollars. That’s BILLION, with a “B.” The  retailer giant recently settled its data breach for $18.5 million, but that settlement is on top of the nearly $202 million the company says the breach cost. A recent QuickRead on FacilitiesNet lists some… Read more »

From Cyber Security to Privacy, IoT Raises Issues for FM Companies

By Sudhi Ranjan Sinha and Katrina Liddell Managing facility operations is a challenging and complex task, especially when dealing with multiple priorities that sometimes conflict with one another. For example, occupants want comfort and safety. If something goes wrong, they expect the issues to be addressed quickly. Additionally, they do… Read more »

Popularity of Apple devices prompts surge of new threats

Apple users can no longer be complacent about security, as the number of infections and new threats rises.Read More

3123040 – Inadvertently Disclosed Digital Certificate Could Allow Spoofing – Version: 1.0

Revision Note: V1.0 (December 8, 2015): Advisory published.Summary: Microsoft is aware of an SSL/TLS digital certificate for * for which the private keys were inadvertently disclosed. The certificate could be used in attempts to perform ma…

2755801 – Update for Vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge – Version: 51.0

Revision Note: V51.0 (December 8, 2015): Added the 3119147 update to the Current Update section.Summary: Microsoft is announcing the availability of an update for Adobe Flash Player in Internet Explorer on all supported editions of Windows 8, Windows S…

Iran-based attackers use back door threats to spy on Middle Eastern targets

Two Iran-based attack groups that appear to be connected, Cadelle and Chafer, have been using Backdoor.Cadelspy and Backdoor.Remexi to spy on Iranian individuals and Middle Eastern organizations.Read More