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Avast at the Prague Half Marathon 2015

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March 28th, 2015 – It was a gray and chilly Saturday morning when some of Avast’s fittest gathered to run in the 17th edition of the Sportisimo Prague Half Marathon. As the biggest running event in the Czech Republic, this year’s race drew in over 12,000 participants. Thirteen brave Avastians ran the event’s full 21 […]

Como manter a segurança online em um mundo cada vez mais digitalizado?

Há algumas semanas falei aqui sobre um memê que a minha irmã publicou no Facebook satirizando o nosso dia a dia atual em que oferecemos às visitas a senha da conexão Wi-Fi de casa em vez de um copo d’água ou café. Parece que muita gente não consegue mais viver sem ela: a internet. Estamos […]

Leave the tracking to the post office – not online advertising!

The holidays are here and many are opting to shop online for their holiday gifts, whether it’s to avoid the crowds or because time is running out. Online shopping is a convenient option, everything is almost guaranteed to be in stock, there are no lines and your purchase gets delivered to your doorstep. But, can […]

Protégez les appareils mobiles de vos ados grâce à Avast.

Les ados passent une grande partie de leur temps sur leurs smartphones ou leurs tablettes. Aidez-les à se protéger grâce à Avast Free Mobile Security et Avast Antivol.     Une étude réalisée par l’UNAF (Union Nationale des Associations Familiales) auprès de 500 élèves de 12 à 17 ans révèle que 73 % d’entre eux possèdent […]

Calling advanced Android users: Join the avast! Mobile Security Beta test!

Would you like a sneak-peek into our new version of avast! Mobile Security before the official product release? The opportunity is here.  We are looking for advanced Android users to participate in the avast! Mobile Security Beta test. This Beta test will run until August 31, so you have plenty of time to test everything. Your valuable feedback […]

The Fine Line between Malicious and Innocent Mobile Apps: Part 1

AVAST has more than 1 million mobile malware samples in its database, up 900,000 from 2011. Yet the majority of mobile users seemingly have never been affected by mobile malware. Have you ever wondered why that is? Unmistakably malicious malware, like ransomware or malware that is designed to send premium SMS behind users’ backs, is […]

Tens of thousands of Americans sell themselves online every day

The Internet has become a virtual flea market, with online consumer-to-consumer sites like Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist selling millions of products every day. Used smartphones are a popular sales item on eBay – more than 80,000 people list their phones for sale each day. It seems like a smart way to make some extra money, but […]

INFOGRAPHIC: Ole Ola! America will play World Cup soccer on mobile devices

The U.S. is on the soccer field: Our own triple-threat celebrity, Jennifer Lopez, performed at the opening ceremony; Facebook set up a special “Trending World Cup” news feed; Twitter predicts the most tweeted global event ever; Google search features a daily soccer doodle; and the U.S. is playing its first game in the tournament today. […]

Kids use their parent’s smartphones, not to call grandma, but to visit sites with adult content

Have you ever been on a long road trip with your children? Then you will agree: It’s great to have something to entertain your children, to distract them from the boring drive. Today smartphones and tablets are a great source to keeping kids occupied for long periods of time, not only on the road. AVAST […]

10 reasons why you should join the AVAST team!

AVAST Software is a global leader in the security field. With nearly 220 million activly protected devices and its users we can call ourselves the most trusted antivirus company in the world, especially since 60% of our users install avast based on recommendation. This is already a solid reason to join the AVAST team, but is that all that […]