10 reasons why you should join the AVAST team!

AVAST Software is a global leader in the security field. With nearly 220 million activly protected devices and its users we can call ourselves the most trusted antivirus company in the world, especially since 60% of our users install avast based on recommendation. This is already a solid reason to join the AVAST team, but is that all that AVAST is about? No!


1. AVAST has the X-factor. Voted Czech Republic’s Best Employer

If you are talented and creative and want to show it off, AVAST is the place for you! Become one of our code masters, product ninjas, customer care gurus, ecom commandos, marketing geniuses or  an indispensable!

our ninjas
2. Location matters!

AVAST is headquartered in Prague, one of TripAdvisor’s Top 5 Cities in the world for 2014. With the largest castle in the world and historic gothic churches, as well as a lively music scene complemented by top-tier restaurants, Prague is a city that has learned to dance easily between the ancient and modern. Not mention, the cheapest beverage you can get in the Czech Republic isn’t a tap water, its legendary Czech beer! 🙂 


3.  Size matters!

The AVAST team is the perfect size with approximately 400 people. We are not a large, anonymous corporation! There is a great chance you will meet new friends and perhaps even your soul mate ;). Amongst our employees 20% are women and we speak more than 40 languages, including everything from Chinese and Japanese to Arabic and Hebrew. We have 30 different nationalities on our team!

4. Your place to grow!

You will get a chance to develop professionally in many fields. Our experts visit and speak at prestiges conferences and trainings, we even offer Czech languages courses!

Filip Chytry_NMI
social media

5. Why will you love working for AVAST?

We work hard and play hard, which means we know how to enjoy ourselves. Company events, parties, teambuildings are legendary

avast shines



Still wondering if you should give it a try?

OK, lets get into some more details on what is it like to work at AVAST.


Do you dream in Java and know what Hadoop is? From R&D to both Windows and mobile, from Virus Lab analytics to internal systems and QA, if you love code languages we’ll keep you at the head of your game.


B2B, B2C, UX, CRT is a part of your daily vocabulary? Continue reading. AVAST has more than 210 million users globally. We not only distribute our free version, but our in-house team operates digital sales in more than 40 regions, 35 different countries and  in 23 languages! Now this is what I call a challange.


Our team is not large, but we do rock! Our web ninjas, SEO and PPC experts, as well as our communications team work together towards one goal: ensuring that AVAST is the best AV brand in the world! Our Social Media team runs the largest Facebook page in the Antivirus industry. How many of you have the opportunity to talk to nearly 4 million fans on Facebook, run global multi-channel campaigns and write creatively about the security industry, every day? Join us, we will squeeze your creative juices to the maximum!


At the end of a day, we also need someone who will take care of our creativity and put everything in order. If you’re a stickler for administrative details, from working with numbers to legal and personnel aspects, we’ve got opportunities for you to help shape the structure and operations of one of the fastest-growing companies in the world.


If you are one of those “beatiful minds”, analytical genious whp get excited when seeing codes, you should join our virus lab team.

Dropper configuration

Last, but not least, where else you can analyze porn websites at work? :)

Encouraged, intrigued and ready for a new challenge? Don’t procrastinate: update your CV and send it over! Check out our available positions, we are waiting for you!

Thank you for using avast! Antivirus and recommending us to your friends and family. For all the latest news, fun and contest information, please follow us on FacebookTwitter and Google+. Business owners – check out our business products.







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