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Is antivirus protection necessary for my business? | Avast Business

If you’ve been wondering whether your business requires antivirus protection, the short answer is yes. Even though Windows 10 has its own well-rated built-in antivirus program, Windows Defender, investing in a dedicated antivirus solution can offer a m…

What to do when faced with large-scale cyberattacks

So you’ve heard there could be a big cyberattack coming…

Perhaps you’ve turned on the news and caught wind of warnings about, umh, some countries allegedly trying to mess with other countries’ cyber networks and infrastructure — even private homes. And now you’re worried. What does this mean? Will my devices stop working? Is my internet safe? What do I do?

Central Illinois MSP gains edge in security threat battle using Managed Workplace

The customer
Headquartered in Peoria, Illinois, Advanced Technology Services (ATS) has been providing IT and managed services for some of the largest brands in the U.S., Mexico, and United Kingdom since 1985. In addition to global enterprises, ATS als…

What To Do If Your Email Is Hacked

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I think I could count on my hand the people I know who have NOT had their email hacked. Maybe they found a four-leaf clover when they were kids! Email hacking is one of the very unfortunate downsides to living in our connected, digital world.  And It’s often a situation that even the savviest tech […]

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So, Your Child Wants A Smartwatch for Christmas? Here’s What You Need to Know

My youngest son is a Smartwatch fanatic. At the age of 14, he’s already ‘progressed’ through much-loved Pebble and Sony devices. Is it a James Bond thing? Sorry 007, I don’t think so. Rather, Mr 14 is a tech-savvy consumer who always ‘needs’ to have the latest and greatest. Bet you have one of those […]

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Why independent testing is good for Avast Antivirus

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Avast Free Antivirus just received another AV-Test certification for its stellar protection against real-world threats, performance in daily use, and usability.   Yay! It’s like collecting another trophy for the display case or another blue ribbon to hang on the wall, but what does it really mean? How is this type of testing useful for […]

Arizona school simplifies and saves with Avast’s free business software

Avast for Business just made life easier and saved money for administrator Dale Kvittem-Barr at Peace Lutheran Church and School.   Schools house a large quantity of sensitive data and Kvittem-Barr knows that security software is a must. But, managing 50 devices is a challenge. “When I started here, we had Norton and each computer […]

Do antivirus companies create viruses to sell more software?

Question of the week: Why does Avast and other antivirus companies try to scare us with all this news about viruses and bad apps? It makes me think you are connected to the threats. Avast and other reputable antivirus companies are not connected to the creation of threats – there are plenty of them without […]