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3119884 – Inadvertently Disclosed Digital Certificates Could Allow Spoofing – Version: 1.0

Revision Note: V1.0 (November 30, 2015): Advisory published.Summary: Microsoft is aware of unconstrained digital certificates from Dell Inc. for which the private keys were inadvertently disclosed. One of these unconstrained certificates could be used …

Dell computers affected by eDellRoot self-signed root certificate

Dell computers with the eDellRoot root certificate may allow attackers to sign SSL/TLS certificates as legitimate sources and can be vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks.Read More

How my TV got infected with ransomware and what you can learn from it

A look at some of the possible ways your new smart TV could be the subject of cyberattacks.Read More

Terror-alert spam targets the Middle East, Canada to spread malware

Cybercriminals spoof law enforcement officials in Dubai, Bahrain, Turkey, and Canada to send terror-alert spear-phishing emails containing Backdoor.Sockrat.Read More

Patch now! Cybercriminals are actively searching for servers running vulnerable versions of vBulletin

Cybercriminals are looking for vulnerable installations of vBulletin to exploit. Keep them out by applying the latest patches.Read More