Symantec Brightmail Gateway 8.0.1-7 released

I’m delighted to announce the release of our first update to the Brightmail Gateway 8.0 release.
Version 8.0.1-7 should be available for direct upgrade via your Brightmail Gateway UI or CLI right away and customers can upgrade from any previous production build directly to this release. 
Note:  If you participated in any of our previous beta programs, you CANNOT upgrade from a beta release of Brightmail Gateway.

What does this release include?

  1. Language Packs:
    This release includes translated help and documentation in: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean.  The Getting Started guide is also translated into Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, European Portuguese, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian and Spanish.
  2. New SMTP setting "Do not advertise 8BITMIME":
    We’ve seen a few problems in the wild where, whilst Brightmail Gateway is able to handle messages containing 8-bit MIME data, if it tries to delier these messages  to an MTA that cannot handle 8-bit MIME, the contents became somewhat garbled.  This mostly affected hiascii character sets.  Enabling this new setting forces Brightmail Gateway to accept only 7-bit MIME, which inturn makes the sending MTA pass only 7-bit MIME data to us.
  3. Accepted inbound mail connections limit removed:
    With the 8.0.0 release, Brightmail Gateway did not use any entries after the first 100 in the "Accept inbound mail connections only from the following IP addresses and domains" list.  This has now been corrected.
  4. HTTP Access to control centre:
    Prior to upgrading to 8.0.0, some customers used plain HTTP to access the control centre.  After upgrading, this HTTP access was disabled automatically.  Additionally, the http CLI command did not function.  With the 8.0.1 release the functionality has been restored.  If you wish to access the control centre over HTTP, run the http on command from the CLI and restart the Control Centre.
  5. Messages remaining in delivery queue with SMTP error codes 421, 450, or 451:
    Under some circumstances, it was possible for the Brightmail Gateway connection timeout limit to be reached before all of a recipient domains MX records had been attempted.  For 8.0.1, this has been resolved.
  6. Large increase in messages reported by the control centre statistics:
    Under very unlikely circumnstances, it was possible for a short lived mail loop to exist between two of the Brightmail Gateway interfaces.  This would have manifested itself by way of showing an inflated number of messages sent and recieved under the control centre statistics.  Further redundancy has been added to Brightmail Gateway to avoid this problem.
  7. Virus definitions configured for download on weekends:
    If you perform a new installation of Brightmail Gateway, automatics virus definition updates are enabled every 10 minutes.  Previously, LiveUpdate was not set to run on Saturday and Sundays.  After upgrading to 8.0.1, you are stronly advised to verify your LiveUpdate settings as an upgrade will NOT change any schedules to remedy this.
  8. Ethernet interfaces on the same subnet:
    Previously, if you had two NICs on the same subnet, the MAC address for one NIC may have been cached by DNS and used for both addresses.  This may have resuled in mail delivery issues if one of the NICs was not working.  This issue has been addressed for NEW installations of Brightmail Gateway.  If you have this set up (2 NICs on one subnet) in an existing version of Brightmail Gateway, upgrading alone will not address this issue and you are advised to contact Technical Support for assistance.

Any questions?  Let me know!


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