Important information for users of Brightmail Gateway Virtual Edition

Here’s some information you should be aware of before upgrading to the forthcoming Symantec Brightmail Gateway 8.0.2 release.


Notification type: New version will be available – Important information to read prior to updating on VMware environments
Product: Symantec Brightmail Gateway
Version: 8.0.1
Patch: 8.0.2
Other Hardware/Software/Environment: VMware ESX Server 3.0.2 or prior with virtual LSI SCSI controller

Action required for customers using Virtual Edition of Symantec Brightmail Gateway and VMware ESX Server 3.0.2 or prior with virtual LSI SCSI controller. Prior to updating to 8.0.2., Symantec is strongly recommending that customers assure themselves that they are current with VMware 3.5 or later prior to upgrading to Brightmail Gateway 8.0.2 to prevent loss of functionality.  An alternative workaround is provided if VMware 3.5 is not available.

Symantec encourages all customers to update Brightmail Gateway to 8.0.2. The update is available via the Control Center or through the Command Line Interface (SSH).
For more information about all changes in this update, please copy and paste the URL below in a browser:…

If you have deployed Brightmail Gateway as a virtual appliance and are using a VMware ESX Server environment with a release prior to 3.5update4, you must upgrade the virtual environment to 3.5update 4 or later prior to performing the software update. Failure to do so will result in complete loss of functionality for your Brightmail installation.

This notice is applicable to the following customer configuration;

– VMware Server Version 3.0.2 or prior
– Using the virtual LSI SCSI controller

If you have the above combination and do not take one of the actions specified below, Symantec Brightmail Gateway will not function after updating to version 8.0.2. A kernel panic will occur after rebooting the virtual appliance after the update. The following options are available to prevent this issue:

* The Primary recommended method is to upgrade to VMware ESX Server Version 3.5.

Upgrading typically requires down time and a reboot for the virtual machine in which Symantec Brightmail Gateway runs. These steps may also be necessary for other virtual machines on the same physical computer. Before upgrading, perform the following tasks on Symantec Brightmail Gateway Virtual Edition:

1. Back up your existing data.
2. Check for a running LDAP synchronization cycle.
3. Check for a running Scanner replication cycle.
4. Halt incoming messages to drain all message queues.

These steps are similar to preparing for a software update. See "Running software update" in this document for more information about these steps.
For more information about upgrading, copy and paste the URL below into a Web browser:  

* If you are unable to upgrade to the latest version of VMware ESX Server, you can alternately change your virtual machine to use the BusLogic SCSI controller. For more information about changing the SCSI controller configuration, copy and paste the URL below into a Web browser:

* For the most current information about this issue, copy and paste the URL below into a Web browser:

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