NEW: Symantec Brightmail IQ Services

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If you point your web browser to you’ll see our new online portal providing email security data to Brightmail administrators, email administrators and the general public.

The Global Intelligence Network is a core part of the Brightmail product family.  It feeds data to Symantec Brightmail Operations, providing the breadth and depth of the global mailflow knowledge which drives the fantastic antispam effectiveness. 

Symantec Brightmail IQ Services provides a window into the data we hold, informing users of the latest messaging trends, and allowing them to query their email sending reputation in real time.

Keep an eye on the trending volumes of spam, the most popular categories and spam content types as well as monitoring the global top mail senders and top spam senders. 

This is a really cool 1.0 release and really the first time we’ve opened up our Global Intelligence Network information to the general public.  Further developments are coming so let us know what other information you’d like to see there. 





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