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Regin: ????????????????????

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シマンテックの調査で、Regin スパイツールのモジュールが新たに発見され、それを支える高度なインフラストラクチャも明らかになってきました。

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Regin: Further unravelling the mysteries of a cyberespionage threat

Symantec’s investigation uncovers additional modules for the Regin spying tool and finds advanced infrastructure supporting it.

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Black Vine: Formidable cyberespionage group targeted aerospace, healthcare since 2012

The Black Vine attack group not only breached Anthem, but targeted multiple industries with zero-day exploits and custom malware since 2012.Read More

Black Vine: Formidable campaña de ciberespionaje dirigida al sector aeroespacial y de salud desde 2012

El grupo de ataque Black Vine no sólo violó Anthem, se dirigió a múltiples industrias con exploits de día cero y malware personalizado desde 2012.

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Hacking Team ????????????????????????????????

Hacking Team で起きたデータ漏えいの余波が、一般ユーザーのオンラインでの安全性についても深刻な影響を及ぼしています。

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Hacking Team woes adds to the dangers faced by internet-using public

Fallout from Hacking Team breach has serious online safety implications for the public.Read More

Morpho: ????????????????????????


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Morpho: Profiting from high-level corporate attacks

Multi-billion dollar corporations hit by secretive attack group.Read More