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APT ???Pawn Storm??????? Adobe Flash Player ??????????????

Adobe 社は、Pawn Storm 作戦による攻撃に悪用されている Flash Player の新しい脆弱性(CVE-2015-7645)に対して、緊急パッチを公開しました。
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Adobe patches Flash Player vulnerability used in Pawn Storm APT campaign

Adobe has issued an emergency patch for a new Flash Player vulnerability (CVE-2015-7645) exploited by attackers behind the Operation Pawn Storm campaign.Read More

????????????????????Adobe Flash Player ????? 2 ??? PoC ??????

Hacking Team におけるデータ漏えいで、さらにもうひとつ Adobe Flash Player のゼロデイ脆弱性が見つかりました。

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Hacking Team ????????????????????????????????

Hacking Team で起きたデータ漏えいの余波が、一般ユーザーのオンラインでの安全性についても深刻な影響を及ぼしています。

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Hacking Team woes adds to the dangers faced by internet-using public

Fallout from Hacking Team breach has serious online safety implications for the public.Read More

Vulnerabilidade de dia zero não confirmada foi encontrada no Adobe Flash Player

Uma vulnerabilidade de dia zero não confirmada no Adobe Flash Player está sendo usada pelo kit de exploração Angler para instalar malware.

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