Symantec Brightmail Gateway 8.0.3 released

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 I’m delighted to announce that we have shipped the latest update to Symantec Brightmail Gateway.
The v8.0.3 release is a really important one as we get closer and closer to releasing version 9.0 next year.
This update includes support for VMWare vSphere 4.0 as well as fixing over 75 bugs.

This most important thing to note about this release however, is that it will be a pre-requisite version prior to upgrading to the forthcoming version 9.0.
In the simplest terms:

  • When 9.0 is released, it will ONLY be available for upgrade from 8.0.3.
  • If you are on 8.0.2 or older, you will NOT be able to upgrade directly to 9.0.

The release notes for 8.0.3 are attached to this post, go forth and upgrade.

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