Secure Your New Devices!

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What value do you place on your bank records, family photos, digital music and movie files? A recent McAfee survey found that US consumers had on average more than $55,000 of “digital assets” stored on the multiple devices they own. For many people all of the things I just mentioned are on their smartphone – a device that is easily lost or stolen.

So how do we know what threats are out there? Well, McAfee has compiled a list of the top ten ways to Secure your Devices.  Here is a quick list of the latest threats and what items you need to secure.

1. If you have a new smartphone or tablet, know that threats aimed at mobile devices are growing.

2.   If you have a new Apple computer or device, including an iPad or iPhone, transfer your PC best practices to your new Apple product.

3. If you have a new PC or netbook, make sure your computer has comprehensive security software – anti-virus software alone is not enough. Be sure to back up regularly.

4.   Keep in mind that free security software can leave you unprotected.

5.   Protect your data. A Good Housekeeping survey from August 2011 found that 30 percent of people don’t back up their files, and worse, that every three seconds, a hard drive fails.

6.   Search and shop safely. 

7.   Be aware of “scareware,” or fake antivirus software.

8.    Educate your family and pay attention to your children’s online activities.

9.    If you or your child has a new gaming or entertainment device (Nintendo Wii or 3DS, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360), remember that these devices are now Internet-connected and vulnerable to many of the same threats as PCs.

10.  If you have a removable storage device, such as a flash drive or portable hard drive, use technologies that will help protect your information.

If you have multiple devices in your home, use what makes my life simpler – McAfee All Access. McAfee is the first company to provide a security solution that protects all of the digital devices under your roof.  It makes it easy to protect pc’s, macs, tablets and smartphones – I love it!

While shopping this holiday season, use technology to help you weed through malicious sites, be sure to use a website safety advisor that can tell you which sites are safe and which are risky.  McAfee® SiteAdvisor® software is included in all of the McAfee consumer security suites.  When shopping, look for the McAfee SECURE™ trustmark, which indicates that the site has passed rigorous daily testing for more than 10,000 known vulnerabilities.  Don’t forget to read the online store’s privacy and security policies before shopping.

There is technology to help you with all of the problems that come with new devices. Find a company (like McAfee!) that you trust and use the resources they provide to keep you protected.

Stay safe out there!


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