Holiday Tech Gifts – Tips To Play Them Safely [Graphic]

Keeping up with the latest technology can be a challenge for parents this time of year. Kids want all the latest electronic gadgets and sometimes they get them from well meaning Grandparents and relatives.

What are you to do when a new device enters the home and you are not quite sure what it can do, or more so, what you need to do to protect the device, your kids and perhaps even your identity?

Don’t forget that we adults get gadgets for gifts as well – Tablets, smartphones, Macs. Adults and kids alike get online game subscriptions for gifts.

So how do we enjoy all these wonderful goodies and still keep them protected from virus, phishing, theft and identity theft? How do we know which ones need us to add antivirus or to be careful using our credit cards for shopping?

Here is a simple way to remember how to play it safe with all of the devices that your family enjoys!



Happy Holidays and stay safe out there!


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