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Avast to demonstrate mobile security app with Qualcomm at Mobile World Congress


New machine learning-powered malware detection technology identifies zero-day and transformational malware threats at the processor level.

Avast Software was selected by Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. as the lead mobile security service to integrate Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Smart Protect, a behavioral analysis-based, anti-malware technology that utilizes technology from the Qualcomm® Zeroth™ Machine Intelligence Platform to detect mobile malware threats to smartphone security and personal privacy in real-time. Qualcomm Technologies and Avast will be demonstrating this mobile security solution at Mobile World Congress next week in Barcelona.

Mobile malware is on the rise

Avast currently has over two million malicious samples in its mobile threat detection database. Every day, Avast detects 12,000 new, unique mobile malware samples and each quarter about 15% of mobile users worldwide encounter mobile malware.

With the growing use of mobile devices and the valuable data they contain, malware developers increasingly target mobile users. One example of mobile malware is ransomware, which locks a device or the data on it and demands a ransom to unlock the device. Adware is also spreading on mobile. Adware often comes in the form of a gaming or entertainment app that seems harmless, but what users are unaware of is that the adware is using their infected device to click on ads. In 2015, Avast also detected new forms of mobile spyware which intrude on users’ privacy and collect their data. In addition to mobile malware, potential exploits in the Android operating system such as Stagefright put users at risk.

“With threats increasing every day, OEMs and mobile operators need to protect their users in real-time,” said Gagan Singh, president of mobile at Avast. “Snapdragon Smart Protect provides security at the processor level, which is designed to improve customer privacy and protect them from rogue applications, zero day attacks, and ransomware. We are proud to have worked with Qualcomm Technologies on this effort.”

Find reliable, secure Wi-Fi hotspots with new Wi-Fi Finder app

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2016: The Year of Spying Microwaves and Hijacked Cars

The security stakes only seem to be rising when it comes to the threats that affect us as modern-day consumers.   Over the past year, we have seen a list of notable mobile threats that put people’s privacy at risk. Previously unseen vulnerabilities surfaced, such as Certifi-gate and Stagefright, both of which can be exploited […]

Android security updates roll out to fight “Stagefright” type bug

Android Mediaserver vulnerability looks similar to the Stagefright bug. Android owners may recall the Stagefright bug, the “worst ever Android vulnerability yet discovered”. That malware exposed a billion (that’s nearly every) Android device on the face of the earth to malware. The latest critical bug has similarities to Stagefright, but exists in Android’s mediaserver. Google […]

Notes from the 2016 AT&T Developer Summit

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For nearly 10 years, AT&T has been bringing an annual developer conference to their partners and collaborators. This year, they creatively chose to combine their conference with a hackathon in order to encourage the participation of budding developers and to support young talent in achieving career-related goals. This year’s conference and hackathon, which took place […]

Mutating mobile malware and advanced threats are on the horizon as we approach 2016

Yesterday, we walked you through a set of our 2016 predictions in regards to home router security, wearables and the Internet of Things. In addition to these important topics, mobile threats are not something that should be ignored as we move into 2016. “Most people don’t realize that mobile platforms are not really all that safer […]

In 2016, your home will be a target for hackers

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Your home and the devices in it will be a viable target for cybercrooks in 2016. Back in the good ol’ days of the early 2000s until just a few years ago, all we had to be concerned about was security on our desktop computers and laptop. In the intervening years, mobile devices have become […]

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Protect your phone while traveling for the holidays

Traveling can be stressful, but even more so during the holiday season. AAA projects that the number of year-end holiday travelers in the U.S. will top 100 million for the first time on record. Nearly one in three Americans will travel this holiday season and more than 100.5 million are expected to travel than 50 […]

Retailer’s apps reveal your Christmas list to the public

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