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In 2016, your home will be a target for hackers

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Your home and the devices in it will be a viable target for cybercrooks in 2016. Back in the good ol’ days of the early 2000s until just a few years ago, all we had to be concerned about was security on our desktop computers and laptop. In the intervening years, mobile devices have become […]

The Internet of Things (to be hacked)?

By the end of the decade, everyone on Earth will be connected. –Eric Schmidt, Google chairman As a rule of thumb, it’s good to keep in mind that anything and everything that can be connected to the Internet can be hacked. Poorly designed or implemented systems could expose serious vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit. Now, […]

Wearable Technology: Utterly Fantastic or the Next Privacy Fiasco?

You’ve felt it. That tiny nagging of a feeling making you doubt for a second whether or not you should post what you’re doing on Twitter, share that picture of your new car (including the license plate, shall I mention) on Facebook, or tag your location in an Instagram photo. But that’s just the beginning! Read more…