Wrong Transaction Email Scams

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Criminals are banking on the fact that you travelled during the busy holiday season, so they create travel-related scams to try to trick you into clicking on dangerous emails. Don’t be surprised if you spot an email that looks like it comes from a hotel claiming that they put the wrong transaction on your credit card.

The scam can vary, but the hook is that they want you to fill out an attached refund form. Once you download the attachment to open it, it launches malware onto your computer.

I told you about a similar scam when I discussed comparable emails which look as if they have been sent by a shipping service. In that case, they attach a document asking for financial information, say for postage, so a package can be delivered. The only problem is your credit card number goes into the hands of a criminal.

In each of these scams and as always, criminals are hoping to catch you rushing so that you fall for this scam. Stop and think before you panic over an email such as this. Here are a few things to consider:

1.    Does that hotel have your email address?

2.    If you stayed at a hotel recently, how would they catch a “wrong transaction”? Usually you overlook your bill before you leave to make sure it is yours.

3.    More likely that you will catch an actual wrong transaction by checking your credit card statement – be diligent! Check your statements monthly for fraud and mistakes.

4.    If you come across a phishing email, report it to the APWG here.

Stay safe out there!



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