Website vulnerabilities: which countries’ websites are most vulnerable to malware?

This post is based on the new vulnerability gap white paper compiled by Symantec Website Security Solutions

Malware infection is one of the fastest emerging security threats for websites. More than 24% of websites are vulnerable to malware, while a large percentage of website owners are blissfully unaware of the dangers that threaten their businesses.

Research from our latest white paper shows that almost a quarter of IT professionals have no idea how secure their website is.


The reason behind this is simple; overall, 53% of the 200 IT professionals we surveyed across Europe had never performed a vulnerability assessment on their website. In France this number was a staggering 64%, while the German respondents showed that they were more mindful of threats to their websites and online customers: 20% had conducted a website vulnerability assessment within the previous month.



For more information about website vulnerabilities download our free Vulnerability Gap white paper now and for more information about SSL certificates and how you could use them visit our interactive ‘SSL Explained’ resource. 


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