Using Symantec Web Gateway to protect user-owned tablets and smartphones from Internet threats

The increased use in the workplace of user-owned devices such as smartphones and tablets, often referred to as bring your own device (BYOD), provides businesses with significant productivity and cost benefits. However, it also presents a number of complex challenges related to security.

Due to the rise of smart media devices like smartphones, tablets and ultrabooks, it is estimated that potentially, as many as 30-35%* of endpoints connected to a company’s network could be unmanaged. These are more at risk than managed endpoints which are typically subject to software patching and endpoint security policies.

Of course unmanaged endpoints are still protected by your perimeter security, such as secure web gateways. However, these have typically evolved from caching proxies and URL filters. What you need is an additional layer of security that provides the best possible levels of protection for unmanaged endpoints.

Symantec Web Gateway (SWG) will unobtrusively co-exist alongside existing web proxies and block zero-day threats in real-time using technologies such as Symantec Insight. It will also monitor outbound traffic for signs of infected endpoint devices, helping you to identify and quickly remediate security events.

If you have SPS EE you already have a license to deploy SWG. See the guide here: 


* Kevin Bailey, Research Director, European Security Software – Market Analysis & Strategies, IDC

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