Testing the Norton Secured Seal in a Development Environment

We have written this short blog post about how to set up and test the Norton Secured Seal in a website development environment after recieveing a question about it on Twitter @nortonsecured 

Customers can test the Norton Secured Seal in their development environment following these steps:

  • Set up a development environment where the domain name matches their production website that is secured by a Symantec SSL certificate. E.g. If the production website is www.abc.com, the development environment could be test.abc.com
  • Generate the Seal script from Symantec's Seal Install page at http://www.symantec.com/ssl/seal-agreement/install.jsp (script needs to be generated using the domain name of the website in test environment e.g. test.abc.com)
  • Update the web page in the development environment to include the generated seal script

Since the development environment will, in most cases, not have an exact match of domain name with production environment, customers would see a generic seal splash page in their test/development environments

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