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Is logging into your smartphone, websites, or apps with a fingerprint secure?

Just because logging in with you finger is convenient doesn’t mean it’s the best method to use. Some days ago we told you about increasing your security on sites and in services by using two-factor authentication. More and more services are using this two-factor log in method. They require that you use “something you know” […]

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Apple ID のアカウントや iPhone を安全に保つために基本的なセキュリティ対策(ベストプラクティス)を実施することをお勧めします。

Como proteger seu novo iPhone em três passos simples

Com a chegada do Iphone 6 e do Iphone 6 Plus, a Symantec compartilha um blog post que apresenta três passos simples para garantir a segurança dos dispositivos e contas da Apple.


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ロシアのサイバー犯罪者集団が 42 万カ所の Web サイトからユーザー名とパスワードを盗み取りました。パスワード以外の認証方法に目を向けるべき時かもしれません。

1.2 billion stolen login details put a spotlight on the broken password system

Russian cybercrime group stole user names and passwords from 420,000 sites. Perhaps it’s time to move on from the password.

1.2 bilhão de Credenciais Roubadas Colocam em Xeque o Sistema de Senhas

Grupo de cibercriminosos russos roubou nomes de usuário e senhas de 420 mil sites. Talvez seja a hora de deixar de utilizar senhas.