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日本語のワンクリック詐欺が iOS にも広がりました。アダルト動画サイトを介して悪質なアプリを配布し、会員料金を請求してきます。

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Stop Malvertisements from Causing a Click-tastrophe on Your Computer

Web ads: sometimes annoying, other times entertaining and useful, but for the most part, harmless. Or so you thought. It seems that cybercriminals are now turning their attention toward pulling you in with a strong sales message, and you may be none the wiser until it’s too late. Your neighborhood hacker has decided to start Read more…

One-Click Fraud Variant on Google Play in Japan Steals User Data

Last week McAfee Labs reported a series of “one-click fraud” malware on Google Play in Japan. We have been monitoring this fraudulent activity and have found more than 120 additional variants on Google Play since the previous report. The malicious developers upload five or six applications per account using three to five accounts every night, Read more…

Ongoing Google Play Attacks Plague Japanese with Variation on One-Click Fraud

In what may be the biggest security-related incident on Google Play this year, multiple Trojans targeting Japanese users were discovered carrying the strain of Android one-click fraud. McAfee Mobile Research has already identified multiple developer accounts that were used to spread the malware and confirmed that more than 80 applications of this type existed on Read more…