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Adobe Flash Player ? 3 ???????????CVE-2015-5123???????????Hacking Team ?????????

パッチの公開されていない Adobe Flash Player の脆弱性が、盗み出されたキャッシュから明らかになるにつれ、Hacking Team で起きたデータ漏えいで悪用コードの流出が続いています。

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Third Adobe Flash zero-day exploit (CVE-2015-5123) leaked from Hacking Team cache

Exploits continue to leak from the Hacking Team breach, as the latest unpatched Adobe Flash Player bug comes from the stolen cache.Read More

Fallout from Nuclear Pack exploit kit highly toxic for Windows machines

In recent days, the avast! Virus Lab has observed a high activity of malware distributed through exploit kits. Most cases of infection are small websites which usually provide adult entertainment, but there was also news about one of the top 300 visited websites being infected. Infection chains ended dropping a final payload in a form […]

Top 3 types of hacks against small websites

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This question, from a small-site owner with tens or hundreds of visitors per day, is an unfortunate but all too familiar one. One morning I started getting emails from my customers complaining that their antivirus reported my site as infected and won’t let them in. It must be some mistake because I don’t have an […]

Styx Exploit Kit Takes Advantage of Vulnerabilities

Web-based malware has increased over the last few years due to an abrupt spike in new exploit kits. These kits target vulnerabilities in popular applications and provide an effective way for cybercriminals to distribute malware. We have already discussed Red Kit, a common exploit kit. Recently McAfee Labs has observed an increase in the prevalence Read more…