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Get Your Online Privacy Under Control

Online privacy: too often managing this aspect of our digital lives gets shuffled to the bottom of our ‘to-do’ lists. The recent Facebook Cambridge Analytica drama made many of us rethink what private information we are sharing online. But many of us just don’t know what to do to fix it. This week is Privacy […]

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Teen Gaming, Cybersecurity Specialist Training

Many of us parents have a love/hate relationship with teen gaming. While it seems to cast a spell over many kids and lure them into a trance, gaming does provide some quite welcome ‘time-out’ for all family members! But I can honestly say that in my household, disputes over allocated ‘Xbox’ time would be by […]

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Kids, Travel and Wi-Fi

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If your brood of kids is anything like mine, holiday travel is all about devices and Wi-Fi. Sure, we’ll focus on sights and activities when we get to our destination, but the journey is made all the sweeter with a huge dose of technology! And as all my boys have pretty basic mobile phone plans […]

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Free for Education protects almost 200 universities and colleges

The AVAST Free for Education is not only available for schools, school districts and libraries in the US, but also for US universities! To date, 200 universities and colleges across 47 different states benefit from AVAST’s FREE business-grade antivirus. This means that a total of almost 450,000 university computers are being protected, for FREE. We […]

Kylie Minogue: Australia’s Most Dangerous Celebrity

Noooooooo!! How could Kylie Minogue be considered dangerous? Perhaps I missed that episode of Neighbours? And I am sure there are no ‘danger’ themes in her music. Well, definitely not in Locomotion or I Should Be So Lucky!! But yes, it is true. Aussie pop legend Kylie Minogue is Australia’s 2013 Most Dangerous Celebrity, according Read more…

Just One of Many Internet Scams

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A good friend of mine called me recently to ask what I knew about scams from online sales. He had placed an ad on CraigsList for something he was trying to sell and had asked for $150 for the item. He had received a call from a woman and she offered to send him a Read more…