Staying CyberStreetWise

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A UK Government public awareness campaign launched this week, aiming to help educate UK consumers and small businesses about online security. The campaign, running for three months via radio, outdoor and online advertising, offers tips to help people improve their performance online, and help keep important and personal information safe.


We know that most of the UK population are not doing enough to protect themselves, leaving themselves open for cybercriminals to access their data and abuse their personal info, tricking them into downloading malware.

Cyberstreetwise is advising people in the UK to adopt a few simple online behaviours to make them and their families safer, such as:

  1. Using strong, memorable passwords
  2. Installing internet security software on new devices
  3. Checking privacy settings on social media
  4. Shopping safely online – always ensuring to check online retail sites are secure
  5. Downloading software and the application of patches when prompted

Have a look at the site – and your own personal devices – and please spread the word. Be Cyberstreetwise! 

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