Protecting Cloud Services, Applications and Storage with Symantec Protection Engine

Did you see my session at Symantec Vision 2012?  If not, you missed me talk about how you need your very own Robocop to protect services, applications and storage that accept and distribute files.

His prime directives align very well with how you should approach your service and infrastructure security:

1. Serve the public trust – Your users will TRUST your service.  They'll ignore warnings and common sense because YOU are giving them access to something.

2. Protect the innocent – Your users are unlikely to be as security-aware as you are, they may not understand risks and they certainly shouldn't be trusted to protect themselves 🙂

3. Uphold the law – You need to be able to set and enforce policies and you need to do this at your application or storage level.

{If you're a fan of Robocop, as I am, just ignore the "Classified" 4th directive… It doesn't quite fit the metaphor 🙂 }


Symantec Protection Engine gives you the ability to do just that.

It gives you out-of-the box integrations with almost all storage vendors, many applications and services.  Oh and we'll also give you access to our SDK so you can embed our industry leading threat detection technology DIRECTLY INTO YOUR OWN APPLICATIONS.


I'm delighted to announce that we're now accepting registrations for the Symantec Protection Engine 7.0 beta program.
This major release is the next generation of the technologies currently sold as Symantec Scan Engine and Symantec AV for NAS/Messaging/Caching.

For more information about this new release and the benefits of participating in our beta program, use this link:


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