Physical Security Makes Web Security Possible

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Trust on the internet isn't just a catch phrase. It's a concern that engenders policies that extend from the virtual world of security products and integration all the way down into process and physical reinforcement. It is also a daily practice at Symantec, where we back up our mission statements with concrete, measured practices. We built our datacenter facilities with a defense in depth approach, and believe in practicing what we preach regarding the standards a CA should adhere to. My leadership team demands that our infrastructure supports our strategy to be the best.

We gave the folks at CNet a tour of our Operations facility where we process SSL Certificates, and showed them our model of what makes a secure facility. We are constantly investing in improvement, keeping up with the latest trends in physical security as a vital link to supporting our virtual security. Recently, CNet published the following article about what they saw on that tour:

By hardening every piece of our layered security model, we're helping set the standard throughout the CAB Forum participants and industry at large. CNet's tour shows in tangible ways our commitment to secure methods and processes, and the tight physical security that backs up our logical security. If an attacker can steal a private key, all the data for an organization becomes at risk. This is multiplied exponentially for Certificate Authorities that are responsible for the safety of managed PKI systems all over the world.

We're proud of our 100% uptime commitment to our customers. We're proud that we have never had an instance of compromise in our certificate datacenter. We're proud to be leaders in the CA industry with our commitment to the CAB (Certification Authority/Browser) forum. We walk the walk of security every day, and challenge our competitors to do the same to help combat cyber-crime and make the Net a safer place.

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