How Valuable Is Your Time?

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Do you remember that time my husband clicked on scareware? Or that story I tell about before I started blogging for McAfee, the kids downloaded a virus onto the computer that we couldn’t get rid of and we had to send the pc back to the store?

I bet I never told you about how I set my mom up with an account on our McAfee Family Protection so I could make sure she didn’t go to certain sites or have access to different programs on my computer. I was worried about her accidently deleting a file or downloading a keylogger.

All of these things took time – sometimes days or weeks to fix. Being the resident techie in charge of fixing these problems meant that I had to do the dirty work. Friends would usually suggest I go to a big box store to get it fixed. They often would complain about the price of those services in the same breath! Luckily I can handle most basic problems on my own, but my time is valuable.

As a busy mom, sometimes I just have other things to attend to rather than spending time recovering a lost document, you know?

Well, McAfee has unveiled a new service called McAfee TechMaster ( to help us with any technical issue that you can imagine. It’s everything from setting up a new (or fix an old one) computer or home network to virus removal and data recovery. Plus, they don’t need to come to your house. It’s done via phone or remote login to your computer depending on what you need help with.

What’s really cool are the two annual concierge services, which for a decent price if you can get 24/7, unlimited support. Add up all of the times you needed tech help (maintenence, set up and just random issues) with your multiple computers, phones, tablets, printers, home networks and routers. I have! Or, there are services that help you per incident starting at $69.95. I think that is a small fee to pay for great support!

Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

Stay safe out there!


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