How Trust Can Increase Sales and Set Your Business Apart

While online-based businesses may not have the long history enjoyed by their brick-and-mortar predecessors, many helped to pioneer the digital shopping experience and make it what it is today. With that goal in mind, eCommerce merchant was one of the first online stores of its kind, a move that has branded them one of the premier destinations for high-quality, affordable batteries—a reputation maintained since 1998 through exemplary customer service.

The challenge

Batteries4Less strove to uphold their core values of fast shipping, hassle-free warranties, and 30-day money back guarantee, while at the same time providing the highest quality products possible. However, as the online commerce market expanded, the company realized that they needed to find other ways to differentiate themselves from the ever-growing competition.

As a long time McAfee SECURE customer, they were already taking advantage of daily vulnerability scanning and comprehensive security services for their website. But, in an effort to constantly improve visitors’ site experience and remain competitive, the company decided to explore the effectiveness of the McAfee SECURE trustmark on different pages.

Finding a solution through security

With the help of conversion testing, they discovered that building trust is not only a great way to boost transactions, but also a crucial way to show consumers that they truly care about their entire online experience.

Testing revealed that total sales conversions went up 12 percent and increased new traffic sales by 16 percent when the McAfee SECURE trustmark was present—highlighting the fact that security can have a huge impact on attracting new site visitors as well as improving a company’s bottom line.

In order to analyze the impact of the trustmark’s presence on generating leads, they enlisted the help of ConversionIQ, who specializes in conversion rate optimization and lead generation for eCommerce websites. The testing specialists ran multivariate tests for six different scenarios for a period of four weeks to determine the optimal trustmark placement for achieving their objective.

“The McAfee SECURE trustmark is giving us an almost 18 percent lift in sales conversions for 80 percent of the site’s traffic,” said Tony Yorba, President and General Manager at, “I can’t think of anything else we’ve done that has had even close to that much impact.”

Looking to the future

Batteries4Less continues to adapt their business model to better serve their customers, and uphold those core values of superior product and customer care. Because of the company’s success with their main web property, they have decided to create another retail site, and possibly even more in the future.

For each new endeavor, they will take with them the lessons learned about winning customer trust and loyalty through security, and McAfee is proud to be a part of that process, for and for all our eCommerce customers.

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