Enhancements to Policy Based Encryption

A number of enhancements to Policy Based Encryption for Email Security.cloud are now available to improve the ease of use and extend the capabilities of Policy Based Encryption. These enhancements are specific to each encryption service, either PBE-E or PBE-Z.


Policy Based Encryption E

  • Outlook Plugin Enhancements – Encrypting from within Outlook is streamlined, and senders now have the ability to set a one-time portal password that recipients can use to pick up their messages without creating an account.
  • Attempt TLS – When enabled, PBE-E will attempt to use TLS as the first choice to securely deliver messages with no extra effort required by the sender or recipient. If TLS is not supported by the third party recipient’s mail server, push or pull encryption will be used.
  • Pickup Portal Enhancements – The pickup portal user interface has been improved for faster navigation, message sorting, and advanced searching. Messages can now be exported to save locally in a variety of formats.


Policy Based Encryption Z

  • Encryption Reporting Portal – This new portal allows administrators to view and search for messages that have been encrypted. Administrators can see how a message was encrypted, if it was successfully delivered, and when. Data can also be exported for reporting.


Learn more about these features by reading the attached PDF documents.


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