Do you need your own private Certificate Authority?

Stronger, resilient Private CA removes risk while lowering costs
On 1 October 2016 in line with the CA/Browser Forum’s Baseline Requirements, publicly trusted SSL certificates can no longer be issued to reserved IP addresses or Internal Server Names.
To overcome this:

1. You can update all your internal servers to use publically resolvable domains names or fully qualified domain names

2. You can set up an internal self-signed certificate authority

3. Or you could use Symantec’s Private CA offering

A key part of Symantec’s Managed PKI for SSL product this allows you to continue to use reserved IP addresses or Internal Server Names utilising Symantec’s Private Certification Authority (CA) that provides a hosted private SSL certificate hierarchy and end-entity certificates specifically built to secure internal servers.

Symantec’s Private CA uses the same solid infrastructure, which has 100% up-time track record* and robust business continuity programs, organisations meaning companies can put aside the security and disaster recovery infrastructure required to develop, store, and secure private keys.

* since 2004

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