2012 Resolution: A Healthy Computer!

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I recently went in for my yearly check up. It got me thinking… what are the things I can do to keep my computer and my identity healthy?

You know your computer always has some major servicing when you’ve been meaning to back up all those photos and all the music you’ve got saved on your hard drive, right? Chances are you will get hacked or download a virus when you are rushing and not paying attention when clicking on  links. When was the last time you changed your passwords for your banking website or any other site that keeps your financial information on file?

Here is a 2012 resolution for your consideration: Take a few small steps that will save you big headaches later. Here a few tips to get you started towards technology health:

1.       Check your security suite: Make sure it is up to date and set to update automatically. This will protect you from the latest viruses.

2.       Check your Operating System: Make sure it is up to date and has the latest security patches. (Start>Control Panel> Security Center)

3.       Run a backup: Whether you use an online backup service or a removable hard drive, back up your system. This should be done regularly, so make a plan for this. Purchase an external hard drive or use an online service. If you use McAfee Total Protection, 2GB of online backup are included.

4.       Change your passwords: Still using the same password for everything? Time to start using something other than “password1234”. Here are  some tips for better passwords.

5.       Do you have kids and need to set up filtering software? It is easier than you think!

Finally, do you have multiple devices that need protection? Perhaps you are not sure what you need or which devices should be protected? Try McAfee All Access. I love this product. It is simple to set up and makes it easy to keep all my devices protected.

These are a few basic steps to keep your technology sound in 2012!

Stay safe out there!



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