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Android security updates roll out to fight “Stagefright” type bug

Android Mediaserver vulnerability looks similar to the Stagefright bug. Android owners may recall the Stagefright bug, the “worst ever Android vulnerability yet discovered”. That malware exposed a billion (that’s nearly every) Android device on the face of the earth to malware. The latest critical bug has similarities to Stagefright, but exists in Android’s mediaserver. Google […]

Support for older Avast versions will end

At the end of this month, Avast will end support for our older consumer versions of Avast Antivirus. Those are: Avast Free Antivirus, Avast Pro Antivirus, Avast Internet Security, and Avast Premier. A good antivirus program is a necessity to protect your Windows PC from malware attacks, to keep your computer running smoothly, and to […]

???? IPS ???????? 32 ????? Internet Explorer ???

破損した IPS 定義パッケージをインストールした結果、32 ビット版の Internet Explorer で問題が発生することが確認されていますのでご注意ください。シマンテックは、この問題に対応した修正版の定義パッケージを LiveUpdate サーバーを介してリリースいたしました。
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Corrupt IPS definition package impacted Internet Explorer 11

Symantec is warning that our IPS 20150220.001 definition package was causing Internet Explorer 11 to crash. We have released a fix for this issue through our LiveUpdate servers.Read More

First upgrade to avast! 2014, then to Windows 8.1

Are you ready to make the move to Windows 8.1? Reviews says that with Windows 8.1, Microsoft made some significant improvements, including restoring the much-missed start button. Make sure that your upgrade experience goes smoothly by installing avast! 2014 first. Avast! 2014 has Windows 8.1 certification which ensures that it meets compatibility standards and performs […]