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AVAST helps user recover stolen phone; brother gets shot fighting thieves

Two brave brothers fight off mobile phones thieves in Pakistan market. We have heard stories about how avast! Mobile Security’s anti-theft feature has helped people recover their lost or stolen phones, but nothing as dramatic as Shahrukh Humayun’s tale of bravery. Twenty year old Shahrukh and his 17-year old brother, Shoaib, live in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, […]

How to Turn Off GPS on Your Child’s Phone

Mobile phone technology is amazing isn’t it? It’s so amazing it can track your child’s location (hey, they are called ‘smart phones’ for a reason). In fact, your family is likely uploading dozens of photos a week and inadvertently broadcasting your exact whereabouts. Both safety and privacy is put at risk each time your child Read more…

What Are the Risks of Geo-Location?

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Using your mobile’s built-in global positioning system (GPS) functionality allows location-based services (or geo-location) to locate and publish information about your whereabouts. Applications like Foursquare, Facebook and Yelp allow you to “check in” at places using your mobile phone, and then share your location with friends or on social networks. The application knows where you Read more…

Keep Your Device Safe This Summer: Mobile Travel Tips from McAfee

It’s that time again: long sunny days, vacations in warm locales—the last thing you want to worry about as you’re planning your next summer getaway is being duped by travel-related scams on phony websites or having your identity stolen if your mobile device goes missing while on vacation. Previously, we’ve discussed best practices to keep Read more…