Your iPhone6s is not waiting for you – despite what the text message says

What’s the deal with these “you won something” texts?

I recently received a text message saying an iPhone 6s is waiting for me. I normally delete these messages, but this time I was curious… I have been considering upgrading from my iPhone 5 for a while now J. So, I decided to consult with my friend, Avast senior malware analyst Jan Sirmer and see what would happen if I believed the text.


How did they get my number?

The first question I had about this was: How did they get my number? “A computer probably sent it to you,” said Jan. How did a computer get my number? “There are programs that allow computers to send text messages to a bunch of numbers at once. They probably use the same area code and the rest of the digits in the number are generated by the program.”

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