Twitter Considers New Security Features | Avast

Twitter People Experience Designer Lena Emara tweeted 4 new Twitter security feature concepts, asking users for feedback on whether or not they should move into development. “Privacy is one of those things everyone wants, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all,” Emara tweeted, before going into detail on each idea. The first idea, “Replies,” gives users an easy way to make their tweets public if they’d like to make a response to a non-follower viewable. The second idea, “Account Breadcrumbs,” provides easy and quick switching between multiple profiles. “Privacy Sets,” allows users to pick from various security presets, depending on their needs. The final idea, “Discover Me (Or Not),” alerts users when someone searches their username. It also lets users choose whether or not they’d like to be found that way. “These are just ideas and not being built (yet), so your feedback is helpful!” Emara wrote.

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