TGIF: Avast security news wrap-up for March 2016

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Mac ransomware demands paymentMac users get first taste of ransomware

Mac users got attacked by ransomware in the first fully functional attack on OS X. Now that hackers have proven that Mac users are a viable target, it’s time to move on from the myth that Macs are impervious to attack and get protection. 

Locky_campaign_flow-132996-edited.pngA closer look at the Locky ransomware

Ransomware attacks targeting PC users are quite successful. New variants are introduced, but they have the same format- encrypt your files and demand payment for the key to unlock them. The Avast Virus Lab did a deep analysis of ransomware dubbed Locky. This is deep look was followed by Locky’s JavaScript downloader, which describes the phishing campaign that has emerged as the main infection vector.

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