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Win a new Google Pixel phone from Avast

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 Since we’re a security company, we are naturally at the front lines of online protection. In the last 30 days alone, Avast has saved the world from 2,368,767,045 virus attacks! But despite the constant stream of threats from cybercriminals, headline-making data breaches, and revelatory stories about government surveillance, we LOVE the Internet! Because we love it so much, all of us at Avast strive to protect it.

Online games: 5 risks to your online security and privacy

We all love playing online games; from time to time until late in the night on our mobile devices, gaming consoles, or  computer. One of the most amazing things about gaming now,  is that we are  connected to the whole world and can interact with  each other in many ways. To do so, we are required  to set up accounts on game platforms and talk to people we don’t know at all.

Showrooming this shopping season? Protect yourself with a VPN.

Online_Shopping_safely_using_VPN.jpgDuring Black Friday and the weeks leading up to Christmas, tech savvy shoppers visit brick-and-mortar stores to see the items they want to buy, but they use price comparison apps on their phones to check for the best deal. This is called “showrooming”. Shopping apps do things like scan barcodes for price comparisons between your local retailer and online stores, send alerts when the price drops, find money-saving coupons, and even tell which stores in the mall have a particular item on sale.  

Five ways to speed up your slow PC

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When you turn on your computer in the morning, do you have enough time to brew a cup of coffee while it starts up? Is your PC so tired that you can take a walk around the block waiting for a program to open? If your machine seems like it’s on life support, there are a few things you can do to help put some pep back in its processors.

Out of storage? Photo Space creates space on your iPhone

New Photo Space app fits 7GB worth of photos into 1GB of space

How many times have you seen a message like this?

If you are like the thousands of iPhone users around the world, then you see that message all too frequently. Of course, it always pops up just as you want to take a picture. 😬

People told us that to get more space they resort to uninstalling apps and deleting photos. A few get storage from iCloud, but they complain that they have no control and it gets expensive to pay for more space.

None of those are very good solutions. So we came up with something better.

Avast Photo Space

Photo Space is a free app that takes your high-quality photos and optimizes them to reduce the amount of storage they occupy. That means that you get 7 times more space for your photos and apps.