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How to create strong, unique passwords for all your accounts (and remember them!)

One of the best ways to protect yourself online is by using strong passwords. Yeah, right. You’ve seen the rules before 1. Use long, strong passwords that mix letters, numbers, special characters, and capital letters 2. Avoid using the same password on different websites. But since we have so many to remember, the average is 19 per […]

Taking a closer look at cracked Ashley Madison passwords

People create terrible passwords. As simple as this might sound it unfortunately remains news to millions — if not billions — of individuals who use the Internet. As proof, we’ll take a look at a selection of passwords that were revealed in the Ashley Madison leak. Regardless of any shortcomings Ashley Madison had in terms […]

How To bCyberwise With Your Password

Communicating with tweens and teens can be super challenging. Some prefer to simply grunt, others go with the monosyllabic strategy and the rest will only speak if it’s about food! I find that I really only have a few minutes a day to share ‘key agenda items’ with my teen boys and it is usually Read more…

Change Your Password Day – Get Onboard!

Get out your diary, there is another day that you have to work into the schedule – Change Your Password Day! And no – there is no obligation to buy a flower, pin or a wristband – not that I ever have a problem with purchasing them! Tuesday 7 May 2013 is Change Your Password Read more…

How To Remember Your Passwords (And Not Have An IQ of 200!!)

Regardless of your IQ remembering your personal collection of passwords is hard work. With experts telling us we need a different password for each site and that we then need to change them every 6 months, well – it all becomes too hard!! There is absolutely no doubt that a strong and complex password is Read more…