Six ways to secure your smartphone

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AR AMSpost-enI bet you would be lost without your smartphone. It’s your lifeline to contacts, emails, and personal information, not to mention all those apps that you use for fun, entertainment, and business. You probably have bought something using your phone, so your credit card information is there, as well as your account log ins. In other words, it would be disastrous to lose it to a thief or be infected with a data-stealing app.

Keep reading for some solid tips that will help you secure your Android smartphones and tablets.

1. Install security software

Protect your smartphone or tablet from malicious attacks. Malware targeted at Android devices is increasing daily, and we project that it will be at PC levels in the next 4 years. Avast! Mobile Security stops malware, plus it help you locate your device if it is lost or stolen with avast! Anti-theft.   Install avast! Mobile Security and Anti-theft from the Google Play store,

2. Use trusted stores to install apps

The major app stores like Google Play and Amazon are the safest places to go for apps. These have strict vetting procedures, so they are reliable sources most of the time. The ones you need to watch out for are the unregulated third party app stores, often originating from Asia or the Middle East.

For an extra safeguard on your Android device, disable the installation of apps from unknown sources by going to Settings>Security and unchecking the “Unknown Sources” option. Also check the “Verify Apps” option to block or warn you before installing apps that may cause harm.

3. Use a PIN or password and lock your apps

Your Android phone has its own security settings, so we recommend that you set a PIN number with a strong number code to lock the screen. To set your PIN or a pattern, go to Settings>Lock screen.

Use avast! Mobile Security App Lock to set a PIN for apps you want to keep private, like online shopping and banking apps. You can lock any two apps with a PIN/gesture using our free product; get unlimited app locking with the Premium product.

Password Check is a feature in avast! Mobile Premium that keeps nosy people and data thieves from snooping around your messages or emails. After three wrong attempts to break in, the phone is locked.

4. Keep your smartphone close to you

Sticky-fingered thieves can be off with your phone before you finish picking up your coffee from the barista. Geo-Fencing feature is a clever anti-theft feature of avast! Mobile Premium. You set up a perimeter, around the coffee shop, for example, and choose some actions – like setting a loud alarm. If a thief tries to take your phone outside of the perimeter when you are distracted by your mocha latte, the alarm goes off, or the phone is locked.

5. Use remote location and wiping if your phone is stolen

Avast! Mobile Security and Anti-Theft has remote features that allow you to take certain actions. You can track and locate your missing phone using SMS commands and your my.avast account. Wiping the data from your phone can also be carried out by SMS command. Thorough wipe allows avast! to permanently and irreversibly delete and overwrite all of your personal data. This is handy when you are ready to sell or give away your phone.

6. Stay safe when using public WiFi

Public WiFi hotspots can help you manage your data plan, but there is a dark side that you need to be aware of. Data thieves can snoop on your email, files, account log ins, passwords, etc. and eavesdroppers can listen to your VOIP calls on Skype or Viber.

We recommend that you use an encryption service like avast! SecureLine VPN. Especially when traveling, but even at home, the additional protection to secure your data and devices is getting to be essential.
avast! Mobile Premium secures Android smartphones

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