#SecurityTips Contest: The best of the round 3.

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The third round of the AVAST contest has ended. So far we have received outstanding 3500 #SecurityTips. Users participate by sharing their knowledge with others and at the same time they get a chance to win free avast! Mobile Premium and avast! Internet Security licenses, as well as Nexus 7 tablets and a Nexus 4 smartphone. The contest has four rounds and each week we will ask you a different question. So, don’t miss your chance! Enter here, to submit your tip.

Security on Social Media is extremely important to us. Therefore during Round 3, we asked participants the following question:


Now we would like to share with you the most valuable, creative, and helpful tips to keep your mobile device safe and secured. Here they are:

Tip 1. #SecurityTip:

Make sure only your friends can see your timeline and post, by using the security options on most social media websites. ~ Chris O.

Tip 2. #SecurityTip:

To stay safe on social media, think twice before you share something, for example some epic party photos.  And double check your security and privacy settings on Facebook.~ Daw I.

Tip 3.#SecurityTip:

To stay safe on social media,
[A] good reputation is what you need,
[V]ary your passwords from time to time,
[A]sk yourself before posting to your feed,
[S]ocialize smart and accordingly,
[T]ake notice when there’s something fishy.
At last, use AVAST!

~ Marissa L.

Tip 4.#SecurityTip:

I would recommend my friends to learn how to use privacy and security settings on social networks,because then they can control who sees their posts and control who can contact them.I would also recommend them not to post pictures they wouldn’t want their parents or future employers to see.And my last tip is to keep their personal information to themselves so no one can steal their identity.  ~ Ajla H.

Tip 5. #SecurityTip:

Do not send pictures or videos of yourself over ANY social media to strangers or friends that you have never met in person. Only family members and close friends that you know.~ Adaisa C.

Check our blog on Monday to see a list of winners of Round 3 and get ready for the last Round 4


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