My favorite avast! user feedback so far in 2013, from a ‘moonshiner’ in Wyoming

As most of our readers and fans know, we now protect more devices (PC, Mac, and Android) globally than any other antivirus provider.

As our business model is such that our freemium software serves as our ‘advertising’ (we don’t do traditional advertising), and most of our users come to us via referrals, we receive quite a bit of thanks from avast! users around the world.

And as our software is available in about 40 languages, we hear from grateful people in Spanish, German, Russian, French, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Polish, English, and of course, in addition to a few others, the native Czech of the land where we are headquartered.

For years we put selections of this positive feedback on our webpages at But recently the world has been shifting toward social media based feedback, which means we don’t hear as much from avast! users through our web contact form (and that’s ok!).

But now and then we still do. And occasionally a message really catches our eye. Today, that message came from Wyoming, USA, in perfect ‘cowboy’ speak. I had to share it, as having lived away from the US for over half a decade, I don’t often get to hear such rich dialect:

“Well, I Tell You What.  You Guys Have Out Done Yourselfs This Time.  This NEW deal Is The MoonShiners’ Hooch.”


So there you have it. And I daresay this person has given me a new idea for copywriting… ;)

avast! Free Antivirus – “The MoonShiners’ Hooch”

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