Meta Bridges 2D And 3D With Crayta | Avast

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced last week that user-generated tools like Crayta will help bridge the 2D gaming experiences on Facebook with the 3D world of the metaverse. Meta acquired Crayta last year when it bought Unity 2 Games. The company has since beefed up the user-generated content tool so that it renders in the cloud. “Historically, if you wanted to have something like this run in this high quality of a 3D environment, that would be really hard to render in a browser or on phones, but being able to do it with cloud infrastructure and then send it down across the network after having already rendered it in the cloud is a pretty big advance,” said Zuckerberg during the announcement, where he joined Crayta creators in-game to rebuild a facsimile of Meta’s campus courtyard. For more on this story, see VentureBeat

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