Malware Attacks

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We meet unfortunate aliens fleeing their embattled home world in search of help against the evil Malware Empire. The fate of their planet rests on their success.

Malware Attacks!! part 1

Illustrated by Daniel Coca López


Alien visitors come to Earth seeking help from Avast against the evil Malware Empire.

Malware Attacks!! part 2



The desperate aliens visit Avast headquarters to ask for help to defeat the evil Malware Empire. Just like 177 million Earthlings who use Avast to protect themselves, the aliens find what they are looking for.

Malware Attacks!! part 3


Armed with avast! Free Antivirus 8, the aliens race back to their home planet. Victory against the evil Malware Empire is assured.

Page_4 Final


Thanks to avast! Free Antivirus 8, the galaxy is once again protected against Malware. Our heroes are awarded with the medal for bravery, and avast! 8 takes its place of honor in history.

Page_5 Final


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