Making technology simpler: Thanks to my mother

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Some days ago we wrote about scams targeting senior citizens. This group is at risk because generally speaking, they have less computer education than younger people who have grown up in the digital world. I recommended the reading to my mother, thinking she will benefit from it. She thanked me, but said that there were “some things” she did not understand.

Learning to surf internet

Friends and family can help senior citizens enjoy a safe online experience

In the Avast blog we do our best to write in simple terms. However, we know much more about security and, quite frequently, explains things in technical writing. So, I’ve take some time to write what will be useful for your mother (and mine). What about recommending her to read this?

Computer and mobile security essentials for senior citizens

  • Ask for help from one you trust. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help. Remember there are a lot of people that love to help and share knowledge. Start with your family and friends. If you and your friend both have Avast installed, it’s possible for them to remotely access your computer.  If they don’t have spare time or knowledge, then try the Avast Community Forum. With sections in several languages, you’ll find friendly people that could guide you with security technology. Find us there!
  • Install and keep your security software updated. Avast makes everything simple for you. All the “difficult tasks” have been automated: Protection against viruses and malware, blocking spam, preventing fraud and hacker intrusions, automatic updates of your software.
  • Scan and protect your network. That “complex” device with lights blinking that gets you on the internet is called a “router”. Do you know that it could be the weaker part of your network? Avast can scan your home network and make sure it’s secure. Our next Avast version will give you much more control of an online pain: Passwords. Keep them updated and strong!
  • In your Android mobile devices, use an easy and comprehensive security app. Avast apps bring a lot of protective features that give peace of mind, like analyzing malicious app (maybe the ones with intrusive ads, right?). With our family of apps, you can clean temporary files, keep your battery in good shape, and stay safe when using free Wi-Fi connections. Also, to stay safe, use only known app stores like Google Play and Amazon.
  • Common sense! Do not open unsolicited emails, ever! Don’t trust strange messages about promises of a better computer, prizes, and special offers. Keep your attention always on: Do not install unknown software, and do not accept extra offers during installation of trusted programs. If you have any suspicions, ask others or in Avast Community Forum.

What do you think? Did I write enough for your mother to understand? If so, I accomplished my goal.

Special thanks for my mother (for the inspiration and love). And a special thanks to the guys that share all their time and effort to make the internet a better place and for teaching me to write with such pleasure: The volunteers on the Avast Community Forum.

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