Life beyond the screen: Coming face to face with technology addiction

Photo via Telegraph online

Photo via Telegraph online

Believe it or not, there’s more to life than what’s happening online! In its beginnings, technology was intended to make our lives simpler and more convenient. When technology becomes an addiction, however, it can become dangerous to our mental and physical health, not to mention our personal lives.

Avast is a technology and security company. At the same time, we’re also human beings. By sharing cybersecurity news on our blog, alongside our forum and social networks, we aim to make things simpler for our users — providing them with safety tips to avoid headaches and losses of time. In other words, we’d like everyone to reserve as much time as possible for the parts of life that truly matter.

Recently, a study found that students’ performance can significantly decline due to technology addiction. To fight students’ urge to be active on their devices when they shouldn’t be, there are several apps that have been created that close and prevent other apps to be opened, ensuring users to be able to stay focused and concentrated on their classes, research or homework.

Since it has become this difficult to pry ourselves away from our screens, it’s sometimes a good thing to occasionally be left without battery or network coverage. This way, we’re essentially forced to put off our thoughts about what’s being published on social media and focus on the things that are taking place around us.

Here in Brazil, it’s not uncommon to see signs at bars or restaurants that read something similar to “we don’t have Wi-Fi, talk among yourselves” or “we don’t have Wi-Fi, bring a friend to talk to”. These places don’t do this because they need to save money on their Internet bill — instead, it’s about providing their guests with human interactions and a genuine experience.

It’s our job to use our current technology wisely. When it’s time to concentrate and focus, Avast is there to keep our users safe from spam, scams, and hackers — things that cause us to lose time and energy.

You can depend on us to keep your security (and peace of mind) in tact. We urge our users to recommend Avast to the ones who they love and who they want to spend quality time with.

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